Release of additional guidance to the VCMI Claims Code: Ambition, Assurance, and Accessibility

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) is pleased to announce the release of additional guidance to its Claims Code of Practice (Claims Code), enabling companies to make claims about their use of high-quality carbon credits.

This guidance includes a Monitoring, Reporting and Assurance (MRA) Framework, a brand and associated mark for making ‘Carbon Integrity’ Claims, and a beta version of an additional claim.

Companies can now make Silver, Gold or Platinum Claims as outlined in the original Claims Code of Practice released in June. These companies can now make claims using high-quality carbon credits, directing finance to initiatives that mitigate climate change, and demonstrating that they are going above and beyond science-aligned emissions cuts.

VCMI has also launched the beta version of a new claim — called the ‘Scope 3 Flexibility’ Claim — as a practical step to accelerate corporate climate action. Robust guardrails are in place to maintain integrity and avoid misuse of this new claim.

To celebrate the launch of this additional guidance, VCMI held a virtual media briefing, ‘Ambition, Assurance, and Accessibility in the VCMI Claims Code: How corporates can make credible climate claims’, on the 27th November.

The event covered:

  • The additional guidance, including the MRA Framework, new branding, mark for VCMI Silver, Gold, and Platinum Claims, and details on additional Claims
  • How companies can now make high-integrity claims using the VCMI Claims Code of Practice and significantly contribute towards Paris Agreement goals

Speakers included VCMI Co-Chair (Rachel Kyte and Tariye Gbadegesin), Executive Director Mark Kenber, and Technical Director for Markets and Standards Ana Carolina Szklo.


Watch the media briefing:

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