New: Accelerate global net zero — make a Carbon Integrity Claim today

New VCMI guidance for corporate carbon credit claims has been released, which means companies can now make credible claims about their use of high-integrity carbon credits. A Carbon Integrity Claim means that a company is going above and beyond science-aligned emissions cuts by using high-quality carbon credits.

About VCMI

VCMI is a multi-stakeholder platform enabling high-integrity VCMs through the guidance it develops for market participants.

It works alongside stakeholders from civil society, the private sector, Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and governments, to realize the full potential of high-integrity carbon markets.

VCMI works to ensure a clear understanding of the role that carbon credits play as a mechanism to deliver carbon finance to where it is most needed, and how these can be used as part of broader net-zero transitions by companies and non-state actors (NSAs).

To avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change, global warming must be kept to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

VCMI is committed to this goal, achieving this through a just transition that enhances equality and sustainable development for all.

We believe that voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) play a critical role in benefiting the climate, nature, societies and economies.

How companies can achieve net zero

The role high-integrity carbon credits play

Demonstrating climate leadership is essential to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. VCMI is proud to work with The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets (IC-VCM), We Mean Business Coalition (WMB), Climate Disclosure Project (CDP), Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) to build integrity in the voluntary carbon market and provide companies with confidence and clarity on the path to net zero.

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Carbon Integrity — Accelerating global net zero

Under our Claims Code, companies can use carbon credits to make a “Carbon Integrity” claim and get recognized for accelerating global net zero above and beyond science-aligned emissions cuts.

A Carbon Integrity Claim means that a company is going above and beyond science-aligned emissions cuts by using high-quality carbon credits. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Carbon Integrity Claims recognize increasing levels of climate achievement.

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‘Scope 3 Flexibility’ claim

VCMI is developing a beta version of a ‘Scope 3 Flexibility’ claim as a practical step to accelerate corporate climate action.

Once finalized, this new claim will enable companies to take responsibility for their scope 3 emissions while getting on the path to net zero through use of high-quality carbon credits.

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John Kerry U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

“Voluntary carbon markets can be a powerful tool for mobilizing the investment in innovative technologies and actions needed to keep a 1.5 C limit on warming within reach. VCMI is performing a vital service by establishing high-integrity pathways for companies to support stronger climate action while making progress toward their own net zero- goals. By creating sound guardrails for the use of high-quality carbon credits, the new VCMI guidance will provide strong assurance that this finance will help deliver the greater climate action we so urgently need.”

Christiana Figueres Former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

“We are at a stage now where it is absolutely critical for businesses to deploy every tool in the box in the address climate change in a timely manner. The Voluntary Carbon Market is a key tool and we have seen that companies who actively engage in the VCM and purchase credible and high quality carbon credits are reducing their own emissions more quickly than their peers. VCMI’s Claims Code of Practice will help move the market away from accusations of greenwashing and towards action.”

Hon. Minister Samuel A. Jinapor, MP Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Government of Ghana

“High-integrity Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs), can channel private finance, which is urgently needed, to achieve rapid reductions in deforestation and forest degradation on the ground; a necessity to deliver green growth towards the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. There is therefore the need to strengthen VCMs with the right tools and capacity both for the demand and supply sides. Ghana has invested in the necessary legal and institutional frameworks to embed integrity in carbon market programs, operating across both voluntary and compliance markets. We welcome the VCMI’s Claims Code of Practice, which builds trust and confidence in the market. We encourage the private sector to take action without delay – purchase high quality carbon credits, make a VCMI claim, and demonstrate climate leadership that has transformative value for people and their ecosystems”.

Mr. Yutaka Matsuzawa Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan

“We would like to congratulate the release of additional guidance for the Claims Code of Practice. The additional guidance could contribute to the operationalization of environmental integrity in voluntary carbon markets. We believe the leadership of VCMI can unlock the finances to accelerate the mitigation activities toward net zero by 2050.”

Laura Clarke CEO, ClientEarth

“We know claims that carbon credits ‘offset’ fossil fuel emissions are misleading. The VCMI framework will ensure that companies tell a more accurate story, making clear that it is not a case of ‘either, or’ when it comes to reducing emissions and funding climate action. In a timely response to evolving regulations, particularly the EU’s prohibition of misleading offsetting claims based on carbon credits, the VCMI’s initiative sets a new standard for transparent and impactful climate initiatives in corporate practices.”

Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

“Voluntary Carbon Markets catalyze crucial capital flow into emerging markets, embodying the ‘all hands on deck’ ethos we desperately need. While direct mitigation remains our priority, these markets are vital bridges, channelling resources and efforts where they are most needed. Every action counts, and the leadership of Voluntary Carbon Markets Initiative to foster high-integrity voluntary carbon markets are critical to ensure that the global community can contribute collectively to the biggest challenge humanity has faced.”

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