Aisha Rodriguez
Manager – Markets and Standards Read More
Ana Carolina Avzaradel Szklo
Technical Director – Markets and Standards Read More
Bianca Gichangi
Regional Lead – Africa Read More
Eden Marish Roehr
Communications Associate Read More
George Hodgetts
Policy Associate Read More
Henrique Luz
Manager – Markets and Standards Read More
Lewis Dean
Engagement Associate Read More
Lydia Sheldrake
Director of Policy and Partnerships Read More
Mark Kenber
Executive Director Read More
Michaela Barbour
Business Manager Read More
Nick Boak
Director of Operations Read More
Rafael Alonso Arenas
Engagement Manager – North America Read More
Raffaella Infanti
Engagement Manager Read More
Saurabh Punamiya
Policy Manager Read More
Sohyeon Park
Associate – Markets and Standards Read More
Sumitra Kumar
Associate – Markets and Standards Read More
Teodora Kaeva
Manager (Financial Sector) – Markets and Standards Read More
Trevor Kombo
Communications Officer Read More
Rachel Kyte
Co-Chair, VCMI Steering Committee Read More
Usha Rao-Monari
Co-Chair, VCMI Steering Committee Read More
Manuel Pulgar-Vidal
VCMI Steering Committee Read More
Pedro Moura Costa
VCMI Steering Committee Read More
Tuntiak Katan Jua
VCMI Steering Committee Read More
Sonia Medina
Chief Ecosystem Development Officer (CEDO) & Executive Director, Climate Read More
Akim Daouda
CEO, Gabonese Sovereign Wealth Fund (FGIS) Read More
Anirban Ghosh
Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Read More
Zita Schellekens
SVP, Sustainability & Strategy, KLM Read More
Floor Saris
Global Director, Market Ready Solutions DSM Read More
Alexia Kelly
Managing Director, Carbon Policy & Markets Initiative, High Tide Foundation Read More
Clarice Wambua
Partner, Energy, Environmental Law & Climate Change, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Read More
Hanna-Mari Ahonen
Senior Consultant, Climate Policy & Carbon Markets, Perspectives Climate Group Read More
Lisa DeMarco
Senior Partner & CEO, Resilient LLP Read More
Nicolette Bartlett
Chief Impact Officer, CDP Read More
Peter Browning
CEO, Browning Environmental Communications Read More
Swapan Mehra
Founder and CEO, Iora Ecological Solutions Read More
Gilles Dufrasne
Lead on Global Carbon Markets, Carbon Market Watch Read More
Tom Owino Uduol
Projects and Technical Director, Climate Impact Partners Read More
Kelley Kizzier
Director of corporate action and markets, Bezos Earth Fund Read More
Sandeep Roy Choudhury
Director & Co founder, VNV Advisory Services Read More
Scarlett Benson
Director of Corporate Standards, Food and Land Use Coalition Read More
Lorna Ritchie
Director of Public Affairs, ICVCM Read More
Dr. Kaviraj Singh
Founder and Managing Director, Earthood Read More
Alvin Lim
Carbon Markets Specialist Read More
David Burns
Director of Governance, GHG Protocol Read More
Jan Willem
Non-Executive Director, Read More
Felix Preston
Director of Research and Program, Climate Arc Read More

The Country Contact Group provides a forum for governments representing both demand and supply-side perspectives to:

  • Provide insights and perspectives on VCMI work areas and processes, helping actively shape VCMI’s strategic objectives and outcomes;
  • Promote peer-to-peer exchange and learning, as well as interactions with other key stakeholders such as corporate buyers;
  • Engage with VCMI to develop VCM ‘Access Strategies’, which is an offer from VCMI to support an initial handful of countries to identify opportunities for accessing direct investment into country-specific mitigation action, aligning voluntary carbon market finance flows with national climate policy and finance priorities.
Driving integrity in voluntary carbon markets for climate resilience & a sustainable future

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