Provisional Claims Code of Practice

The provisional Claims Code of Practice was released in June 2022, following an extensive consultation with practitioners, civil society, businesses, governments, and academics on how voluntary carbon markets can make a meaningful contribution toward achieving the Paris Agreement goals.

About the provisional Claims Code

In 2021, VCMI launched a consultation with stakeholders from civil society, the private sector, Indigenous Peoples’ groups, governments, businesses, and others to gather views on how carbon credits can be voluntarily used and claimed by businesses as part of credible net-zero strategies.

The results, based on feedback from 52 organizations including 22 businesses and 19 NGOs, made clear that:

  • It will be critical to support businesses in their engagement with the carbon credits marketplace and guide private sector investment to ensure it is equitable.
  • Building capacity is key to ensuring that a wide range of countries are able to benefit from voluntary carbon markets (VCMs).
  • Guidance on corporate claims involving carbon credits should align with the need to limit future warming to 1.5C.
  • Accounting and reporting must be underpinned by agreed definitions and processes.
  • Aligning guidance on corporate claims with regulation and governance mechanisms will require a focus on Article 6.

The provisional Claims Code of Practice was then developed through a balanced, transparent, and inclusive stakeholder process. This included:

  • Gathering input from over 60 participants across business, country, NGO, Indigenous Peoples and Local communities stakeholders on early drafts of the provisional Code (March – April 2022)
  • Public consultation (June – Aug 2022)
  • A road-test with corporate participants (June – August 2022)
  • Deep dives with Non-State Actors (NSAs) (June – August 2022)

Road test of Provisional Claims Code

The aim of the road test was to ensure the provisional Claims Code was robust, clear, and practical. It helped identify gaps in the ecosystem and streamline the resource implications required to implement the provisional Code.

Between June and Autumn 2022, a range of companies tested implementation of the provisional Claims Code, providing feedback through a structured survey and optional deep-dive interviews. Training was delivered via webinars and interviews conducted with a wide mix of users to ensure an understanding of implementation and feedback was captured.

The road test included 76 participants, 31 survey respondents, 4 webinars, and 19 one-on-one engagements. Participants covered a range of different industries (e.g., tech, mining, chemicals, professional services), regions and engagement with voluntary carbon markets practitioners. Most already had a public net-zero goal.

The road test was complementary to a broader public consultation run in parallel.

Download the ‘Feedback on the Provisional Claims Code of Practice’ below.

Launch of the provisional Code

The provisional Claims Code was launched on 7 June 2022. See details about the launch event below:

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