The VCMI team is looking forward to attending COP28 in Dubai, where we will be hosting and speaking at various events and panel discussions.

The focus of our conversations will be driving integrity in voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) and working to accelerate global net-zero goals in line with the Paris Agreement.

Closely following the release of additional guidance to the Claims Code of Practice, our team will be on the ground to share insight on making the first VCMI Claims. Our flagship event in partnership with We Mean Business Coalition, “Mobilizing corporate climate action through high-integrity voluntary carbon markets,” on the 4th December will showcase corporate climate leadership on behalf of companies pioneering high-integrity action in the VCM. Attendees can register here. Please note that registration does not guarantee entry; we suggest arriving early to secure a spot.

VCMI will be participating in the following events:


  30th November      
Anantara World Islands Resort

Singapore Climate Leaders Assembly

Hosted by Singapore Government  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  1st December      
Blue Zone IETA Business Hub

Delivering high-integrity in 2024: An update from the VCM standard

Hosted by VCMI & ICVCM  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  1st December      
Goals House

TIME 100 Impact Dinner

Hosted by TIME 100 

  2nd December      
Singapore Pavilion

Saving Mother Nature: Opportunities and limitations of nature-based solutions

Hosted by GenZero  Mark Kenber speaking

  2nd December      
West Africa Pavilion

Establishment of West African Carbon Market: Issues and Perspectives

Hosted by ECOWAS  

  2nd December      
Business Pavilion

High-Level Principal Roundtable on Corporate Performance and Accountability

Hosted by WBCSD   |  Mark Kenber panelist

  3rd December 
SDG7 Global South Pavilion, Blue Zone

Building the foundations of Africa’s Carbon Markets with Integrity

Hosted by ACMI, GEAPP, SE4ALL, Rockefeller Foundation, ECA, UN Climate Change High-Level Champions | Tariye Gbadegesin panelist

  3rd December 
Blue Zone

Roundtable on Carbon Credits (VCM)

Hosted by Aon Climate

  3rd December 
Blue Zone Opportunity Petal – Stage 4

Accelerating high integrity voluntary and regulated carbon markets: The role of government

Co-Hosted by VCMI  |  Rachel Kyte speaking

  3rd December     
Malaysia Pavilion

Financing for Climate, Community & Biodiversity: Unleashing the Potential of Voluntary Carbon Market in ASEAN

Hosted by CIMB  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  3rd December     
Water Pavilion

Unlocking Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) Investment in Resilient Water Systems: A High-Impact Dialogue

Hosted by Resilient Water Accelerator in collaboration with the WaterAid, VCMI, Gold Standard, and Sustainable Markets Initiative  |  Lydia Sheldrake speaking

  3rd December     

Are Transition Credits the answer to early coal decommissioning?

Hosted by Standard Chartered & Climate Impact X  

  4th December     
Green Zone

Restoring confidence in voluntary carbon markets

Hosted by COP28 & GFANZ  |  Rachel Kyte speaking

  4th December     
  Spain Pavilion

Call to action for Paris-aligned Carbon Markets

Hosted by Patch  |  Lydia Sheldrake, Panellist

  4th December     
  IETA Business Hub

Carbon Markets: Digital Infrastructure for Integrity

Hosted by Patch  |  Mark Kenber, Panellist

  4th December     
Blue Zone

Unlocking high-integrity carbon markets

Hosted by COP28  |  Tariye Gbadegesin speaking

  4th December     
  Blue Zone WMB Pavilion TA3 – Pavilion 240, Level 1

Mobilizing corporate climate action through high-integrity voluntary carbon markets

Hosted by VCMI & WMBC   |  Rachel Kyte, Mark Kenber speaking

This flagship event will showcase climate leadership by companies who are pioneering action in a new era of high-integrity voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) to help keep 1.5 alive. Attendees can register here. This event is also available to stream online through this link.

Registration does not guarantee entry. Please arrive early for the best chance of securing a spot.

  4th December     
Blue Zone WMB Pavilion TA3 – Pavilion 240, Level 1

Drinks reception

Hosted by VCMI & WMBC

  5th December     
Goals House at Concrete

Accelerating Implementation of high-integrity voluntary carbon markets

Hosted by VCMI, ICVCM & Patch  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  5th December     
Energy Transition Hub

The Role of Voluntary Carbon Markets in Meeting Net-Zero Emissions Targets

Hosted by Financial Times  |  Rachel Kyte speaking

  5th December     
ICC Pavilion

What does a new chapter for the VCM, grounded in high integrity mean for business?

Hosted by ICVCM  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  5th December     

Thematical Exchange on Mitigation Contribution and the Contribution Claim Model

Hosted by Foundation Development and Climate Alliance / Wuppertal Institute

  5th December     

Economist Roundtable: Generating Energy Security

Hosted by Climate Investment  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  6th December     

Economist Roundtable: Generating Energy Security

Hosted by Economist  |  Rachel Kyte speaking

  6th December     
Region of Solutions: Latin America and the Caribbean’ Pavilion, Blue Zone, Opportunity Petal

CAF ICVCM VCMI IIF – Guía para policymakers sobre mercados de carbono

Hosted by CAF  |  Ana Carolina Szklo speaking

  8th December     

IICA Latam Ag Ministerial Roundtable

Hosted by IICA  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  8th December     
Palace Downtown

Legal Perspectives on Sustainable Finance: Navigating Offsets, Transition Planning, and Implementing Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement

Hosted by International Bar Association (IBA), the American Bar Association (ABA), the Law Society of England and Wales (TLS), and the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB  |  Ana Carolina Szklo speaking

  8th December     
Brazilian Pavilion

Integrity and Quality in the Carbon Market

Hosted by Carbonnext  |  Ana Carolina Szklo speaking

  9th December     
EU Pavilion

Africa-Europe High-Level Policymaker Meeting on Carbon Markets

Hosted by Africa and Europe Foundation  |  Tariye Gbadegesin speaking

  9th December     
IETA Business Hub

What is end-to-end integrity in the voluntary carbon market?

Hosted by IETA  |  Mark Kenber, Panellist

  9th December     
Sustainable Agriculture for the Americas Pavilion

Leveraging high-integrity voluntary carbon markets in support of climate action and resilience in LAC food production systems

Hosted by VCMI & IICA  |  Mark Kenber speaking

  9th December     

High Level Event on Forests – Delivering on Glasgow: Halting and reversing forest loss by 2030

Hosted by COP Presidency x Forest & Climate Leaders

  9th December     
IDFC Pavilion

How can Public Development Banks contribute to fair carbon markets?

Hosted by Agence française de développement (AFD)  |  Sohyeon Park, Speaker

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Driving integrity in voluntary carbon markets for climate resilience & a sustainable future

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