Mark Fulton

Mark is the Founding Partner of Energy Transition Advisors. Mark has 35 years’ experience in financial markets in London, New York and Sydney. As a recognized economist and market strategist at leading financial institutions including Citigroup, Salomon Bros and County NatWest, he has researched international economies, currencies, fixed income and equity markets. Mark has also held corporate strategy, finance and management roles, including Head of Equity Research at Citigroup Australia and US.

Mark is Chairman of the General Partner Advisory Board of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, a global investment manager focused on low carbon and renewable energy infrastructure assets in North America, United Kingdom and Australia

Mark is Chair of the Research Council at Carbon Tracker, where he has authored a number of papers on fossil fuel risks; Special Advisor to the Climate Bond Initiative and to 2° Investing Initiative. He is project lead for the PRI commissioned “Inevitable Policy Response” and a member of the VCMI steering committee. Mark has a BA in Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University.

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