Dr. Kaviraj Singh

Dr. Kaviraj Singh is an eminent visionary and trailblazer, serving as the Founder and Managing Director of Earthood, a globally recognized powerhouse in carbon offset verification. At the helm of this venture, Dr. Singh has propelled Earthood to unprecedented heights, positioning it as the world’s premier carbon offset verifier. Accredited by esteemed international bodies including the United Nations (UN), VERRA, Gold Standard Foundation (GS), Global Carbon Council (GCC), and other leading carbon standard and registries, Earthood stands as a leader of carbon offset audits under his leadership.

With an exceptional record of over 2000 carbon offset audits conducted across diverse projects and a passport stamped with visits to over 100 countries, Dr. Singh’s influence has transcended borders. His prominence in the sphere of climate change is underscored by his active participation in multiple national and international committees dedicated to this pressing cause. Dr. Singh currently serves as the President of the esteemed International Carbon Auditor Forum (ICAF) and contributes his expertise as a member of the expert committee of the International Carbon Verification and Certification Management Institute (ICVCMI), International Carbon Auditor Forum (ICAF) and VERRA Expert Committee.

A distinguished scholar, Dr. Singh’s academic journey includes a master’s degree in Energy Management and a doctorate in Environmental Engineering from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD). He has a wide portfolio of authored and co-authored books, as well as an extensive publication record in reputable international journals. His academic excellence was duly recognized with two national scholarships and one prestigious international scholarship during his formative years.

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