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VCMI’s Consultation Report aims to encourage dialogue and an exchange of ideas to inform the next phase of VCMI’s work.

You can view and download the full report below.


Consultation Report Overview

Consultation Report Overview

As companies and other non-state actors set climate targets, there is growing interest in voluntary carbon markets. Provided the purchased carbon credits are high quality, voluntary carbon markets provide an opportunity to channel significant private sector finance into mitigating climate change, protecting nature and supporting sustainable livelihoods, at a time when finance is so urgently needed.

But integrity is crucial to ensure that the use of voluntary carbon markets strengthens – rather than undermines – global action towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Drawing on initial discussions with a diverse range of stakeholders, the Consultation Report proposes areas of engagement that are complementary to existing initiatives working to enhance the integrity of voluntary carbon markets.

Download the Consultation Report:  Aligning Voluntary Carbon Markets with the 1.5˚C Paris Agreement Ambition: A global consultation report of VCMI.

In addition, members of the VCMI Consortium team have produced several supplementary documents. While these are not part of the core consultation, they are provided to offer extra context and insight around the creation of VCMI and the Initiative’s aims to supplement the proposals outlined in the Consultation Report.

These include:

  • Criteria for Voluntary Carbon Markets Related Claims
  • Proposal for Voluntary Carbon Markets Access Strategies
  • Summary of consultation interviews
  • Vision & Principles
  • Case Studies
  • Net Zero and Voluntary Carbon Markets

Download the supplementary documents below

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