Bianca Gichangi

Bianca’s role in the Policy and Partnerships Team at VCMI focuses on leading delivery of VCMI strategy across Africa and strengthening VCMI engagement, partnerships, and impact. This includes overseeing delivery and scaling up of future VCMI Access Strategies programs in African countries.

Prior to VCMI, Bianca was the Coordinator of the Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance. She led capacity building activities on carbon markets for government and non-state actors, developed strategic partnerships and facilitated sharing of carbon pricing practices and lessons through regional collaborations. Her experience extends to climate change negotiations where she provided technical support to Alliance Focal Points and has served as a Lead coordinator, Article 6, for the Kenya Delegation.

She has a BEng in Environmental Engineering from the University of New South Wales and an MSc in Climate Change and Policy from the University of Sussex. She serves as member of the UNFCCC Article 6.4 mechanism Roster of Experts as a Climate Policy Expert.

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