Achieving high-integrity corporate climate action: animation and infographic launched by international organizations driving and supporting corporate climate transitions

4th December — A group of organizations involved in different phases of the corporate decarbonization journey today published an animation and infographic to demonstrate how each of them play complementary roles in supporting ambitious climate action.

Transitioning to a sustainable future can seem a complex, and at times, daunting proposition for companies. The stages, processes and issues can be technically challenging and understanding which organizations to turn to for support, and which frameworks to follow, is sometimes not straightforward. Doing this through science-aligned and high-integrity activity is critically important to demonstrate transparency, credibility and trust.

The following groups are demonstrating their cohesion in providing this support through a new infographic – with the express goal of helping corporates understand who they should work with in two main activities that are central to climate transitions: firstly, decarbonizing their operations and value chains, and secondly, addressing remaining emissions with high-integrity carbon credits. These organizations are:

  • Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI)
  • Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets (ICVCM)
  • We Mean Business Coalition (WMB)
  • Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol)

The animation is available to view here.

Demonstrating climate leadership is essential to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Companies that are ambitious in their climate action and refer to the work of internationally recognized standards will demonstrate integrity to their approach, while contributing meaningfully to global climate change mitigation efforts. 

These visual aids serve to help corporates achieve credible climate leadership by making the approaches they need to adopt, and the organizations they need to work with, clear. Any company which is looking to embark on its own climate transition journey should look to these organizations for support and guidance.  

This release marks a first step for the organizations’ collaboration in demonstrating how their work comes together to support companies. With the world currently meeting at COP28 in Dubai, the group will explore further means to communicate how corporates can engage with each of the organizations, demonstrating the corporate user journey in support of achieving collective global net-zero goals.

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