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The VCMI’s goal is to ensure voluntary carbon markets make significant, measurable, and positive contributions to a global transition to a 1.5°C net zero decarbonization pathway.

Workplan and Stakeholder Engagement Schedule

17 Nov, 2021

EAG Meeting: Scope & Purpose

15 Dec, 2021

CCG Meeting: Paris Agreement & Regulatory Alignment

16 Dec, 2021

EAG Meeting: Accounting & Transparency


CCG Meeting: Scope and Purpose, Accounting and Transparency, and Access Strategies

12 Jan, 2022

EAG Meeting: Article 6 / Regulation

26 Jan, 2022

EAG Meeting: Focus on Equity / Return to Scope and Purpose of Claims


CCG Meeting: Promoting Sustainable Development and Equity and Access Strategies

08 Feb, 2022

EAG Meeting: Consideration of stakeholder input and continuing discussion on unresolved issues


CCG Meeting: Review Claims Guidance Draft, and Access Strategies

08 Mar, 2022

EAG Meeting: Feedback on first full draft


CCG Meeting: Review final Claims Guidance and Access Strategies

08 Apr, 2022

EAG Meeting: Consider Stakeholder feedback and revisions to draft

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