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Stephen Donofrio

Stephen is Director of Ecosystem Marketplace (EM), the world’s first, largest, and only independent global voluntary and compliance carbon market transparency and offsets trade reporting, price discovery, and knowledge-sharing mechanism. Now in its 16th year, Stephen leads the initiative’s development of the EM Global Carbon Hub, a new suite of interactive online transactions data sharing and market intelligence platforms, working collaboratively with a growing network of EM Visionary Partners, Strategic Supporters, and Respondents. Now in its 16th year, Stephen is expanding the initiative’s unparalleled database paired with rigorous research, to continue to be a leading source of decision-useful and trustworthy information on prices, regulation, science, and relevant issues on environmental services markets and climate finance. Previously, Stephen was Vice President of CDP North America (Carbon Disclosure Project), Director of CDP Canada, and was earlier an Economist at the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

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