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Mandy Rambharos

Mandy is the General Manager in the Office of the Group Chief Executive of Eskom Holdings, managing the Just Energy Transition (JET) office. In this role she is overseeing the development and acceleration of the utilities’ JET vision and strategy. Mandy has over 20 years’ experience in Eskom. She developed numerous climate change and sustainable development strategies for Eskom and was instrumental in driving Eskom’s efforts in this regard over the years. This, together with her experience was a member of the South African delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has allowed her to gain deep insights into various aspects of the sector, at the international, regional and national levels. Mandy was also appointed to serve on the recently established South African Presidential Commission on Climate Change, who will drive South Africa’s Just Transition plans. As an official member of the South African delegation to the UNFCCC negotiations, Mandy was intimately involved in the carbon market related negotiations, including gaining many years’ experience on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. In this role, Mandy also co-chaired various CDM and Article 6 related negotiations over the years. Mandy previously served on the board of Verra, and co-chaired the African workgroup of the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership coalition.

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