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Angela Churie Kallhauge

Angela Churie Kallhauge works in the Climate Change Group of the World Bank, where she heads the Secretariat of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), an initiative that brings together stakeholders from government, business, civil society and academia from across the world to advocate and work to put a price on carbon.

She has over two decades of experience working on climate change, energy and development issues in government, academia and civil society in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. She joined the World Bank in December 2016 from  the Swedish Energy Agency  where she worked for 14 years on climate change, energy and development issues at the international and national levels. She also spent a couple of years working to establish a climate change and renewable energy programme at the  International Renewable Energy Agency.

Since joining the CPLC, her focus is on moving the advocacy to action, through advancing the political, social and business case for carbon pricing in a strategic manner that reflects and resonates with specific interests of different constituencies and stakeholders and  harnessing the opportunities in different sectors and regions.

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