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Funding Opportunities

VCMI is accepting proposals for grant funds for work supporting priorities that foster integrity in voluntary carbon markets. Initial funding priorities include:

  1. Pathway to regulation: process, institutions, recommendations
  2. Framework for radical transparency end-to-end across CMS
  3. Inclusive participation and grievance mechanisms – what have we learned and what could work
  4. Marketing insights on climate claims (What types of claims resonate with companies and consumers? What are key considerations to foster clarity and reduce confusion?)

New solicitations will be posted here for grant opportunities. New opportunities will be announced soon.

CLOSED – Request for Proposals – Governance and Accountability

Request for Proposals – Governance and Accountability

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) is developing guidance on voluntary use of carbon credits and associated claims – the VCMI Claims Guidance. The guidance seeks to provide clarity to businesses and other non-state actors on what constitutes high integrity engagement with voluntary carbon markets as part of net zero transitions.

VCMI is seeking responses to this Request-for-Proposals to provide evidence-based recommendations on the design of an assurance model which provides governance and accountability for the use of the VCMI’s Claims Guidance. The RFP covers scoping and recommendations for design only (not development and implementation of the assurance model).

This RFP was developed in consultation with experts, and evaluations of submitted proposals will also involve expert review. We expect to award a deliverable-based grant to the successful applicant in mid-March, with an interim deliverable required by mid-April.

Deadline for submission:
Tuesday, 8 March 2022, 5:00 PM ET.

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